SterileSource Innovative Antimicrobial Solutions

    When applied to any surface or substrate, the SterileSourceAM system's actives creates a durable, positively charged, molecular bond with the surface that will not wear off or be absorbed by other organisms
SterileSourceAM  is surface bonded antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, bacteria which cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae.  

SterileSourceAM system's actives creates a durable, positively charged, molecular bond with the surface that will not wear off or be absorbed by other organisms.  

Beyond superior protection, SterileSourceAM offers both environmental and aestetic advantages: 

NO HEAVY METALSterileSourceAM's technology is the environmentally friendly - and user friendly antimicrobial choice. Unlike many silver (Ag) ion products, there are no heavy metals in SterileSourceAM No heavy metals = no worries. 

SterileSourceAM technology addresses the two main ecological concerns associated with leaching antimicrobials: 

1) bleeding (leaching) harmful toxins into the environment and 

2) the generation of adaptive organisms (No super bugs!). 

The mode of action of 
SterileSourceAM's technology is physical and its molecular makeup alleviates these concerns. SterileSourceAM kills the microbe rather than just limiting it's growth.

The mechanical nature of the 
SterileSourceAM technolgy means you don't have to wait for metals or chemicals to do their job.  Copper and Silver applications can take hours or days to effectively control microbes. SterileSourceAM kills on contact!  No need to wait before touching the handle, knob, elevator button, ATM machine or any other products that SterileSourceAM
 is applied to.

Whether SterileSourceAM technology is applied to Metals, Plastics, Fabrics, Natural Stone or Wood, or Finished (painted or plated) Materials, the finished product is an invisible barrier to harmful microbes present in every location.

Unlike silver (Ag) ion antimicrobial coatings, there is no hazy graying of the products they are applied to. 

From coating one to thousands of pieces in our facility, to setting up one of our systems in your plant to having our application specialists treat your facility,SterileSourceAM is your one-stop technology. 

Ship your products to SterileSource in order for us to apply 
SterileSourceAMantimicrobial coating.  We will return the product in the packages you ship them in, or our standard bulk packaging.

Employ us to train your employees in how to apply SterileSourceAMtechnology. We offer a turn-key application booth with varying levels of service contracts.  Once the application booth is installed, you purchase antimicrobial technology and licensing from SterileSource.  

SterileSourceAM antimicrobial technology has been applied in Airports, Hospitals, Schools, Athletic Facilites and Office Buildings across the country.  We have trained facility application specialists that can apply SterileSourceAM that will completey guard from one room, to an entire School, Office Building or Hospital.  Please contact us to discuss the details of the facility application process. 
  Once treated, the negatively charged microbes are attracted to the positively charged antimicrobial in the SterileSourceAM system.  As the microbe approaches, the antimicrobial active's function like a layer of electrically charged molecular swords, piercing the approaching cells.  
    As the microbe is further drawn into the antimicrobial, it is electrocuted. This unique interaction is mechanical and physical, not chemical.  
  Since the antimicrobial actives have not dissipated or been consumed by the now dead cell, the active layer remains intact, fully effective and ready for the next cell that approaches; 24/7/365.  

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