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Frequently asked Questions 

What is SterileSourceAM?


SterileSourceAM is a durable, transparent Anti-Microbial coating.  SterileSourceAM can be applied to virtually any surface that you may interact with daily (door handles, light switches, bathroom fixtures, etc.) SterileSourceAM kills bacteria, fungus, molds and algae.


What kind of microbes does SterileSourceAM affect?


SterileSourceAM is designed to reduce the occurrence of, and exposure to microbes of all kinds.  SterileSource AM is extremely effective against Influenza A, mold, fungi, algae and harmful bacteria; including MRSA, Strep, Salmonella, C.Diff and E-Coli.


How does SterileSourceAM work?


When applied to surfaces or substrates, the SterileSourceAM elements creates a durable, positively charged, molecular bond with the surface that will not wear off or be absorbed by other organisms.


Once treated, the negatively charged microbes are attracted to the positively charged antimicrobial in the SterileSourceAM.  As the microbe approaches, the antimicrobial elements pierce the approaching cells.


As the microbe is further drawn into the antimicrobial, it is electrocuted. This unique interaction is mechanical and physical, not chemical.


What about “superbugs” or cell adaptations?


SterileSource actually kills the microbe.  Unlike other “growth inhibiting” coatings (Silver (Ag)), there is no opportunity for cell to adapt.  The SterileSourceAM interaction is mechanical and physical – not chemical. Try to imagine a bed of nails with each nail having an electrical current running through it.  That is essentially what is happening when a microbe lands on a product coated with SterileSourceAM.


How is the formula applied?


SterileSourceAM is applied in a controlled manufacturing facility by way of a unique electrostatic application.


Will it discolor the product it is applied to like the other Silver (Ag) coatings?


SterileSourceAM is colorless and odorless.  The coating is virtually invisible, resulting in a finished product that looks exactly as it did before the coating process.

How does it stay on, and how long will it last?


SterileSourceAM is chemically bonded to the product surface via covalent bonds. The formula is continuously effective and will not lose virulence over time. The formula is not consumed by microbes, will not wash off and will last for the effective life of the product it is applied to.


Can SterileSourceAM be applied in the field?


Yes, SterileSource has a trained and certified application team that can go to your facility and apply the coating formula in field.  The field application can cover certain products (tables, toilet partitions, lock handles, door pulls, toilet accessories) or can be applied to the entire facility (schools, medical facilities, commercial kitchens, office buildings).  Contact us at for more information.


Can anyone else apply the coating?


SterileSource has a few options for OEM applicators.  This is typically done by manufacturers that wish to have their products coated with an anti-microbial coating.  We train and supervise these facilities to insure proper application. 


Are there any special cleaning instructions for products that have SterileSourceAM applied to them?


One of the advantages to having SterileSourceAM applied to products is that cleaning becomes easier.  You will no longer need strong cleaning agents to “disinfect” the surfaces.  A soft cloth, warm water and a mild soap to keep your product looking good, is all that you will need.


What can you put it on?


Our technology is compatible with virtually all substrates, including natural and synthetic fibers / linen, stainless steel, tile, stone, concrete and carpeting.


Is it safe?


Our tested technology is the environmentally friendly- and user-friendly antimicrobial choice. It is registered with the EPA.  There is no leaching of harmful toxins into the environment.  It does not create an environment for adaptive organisms (super bugs).  The mode of action of our technology is physical and its molecular makeup alleviates these concerns.  And finally, we use no heavy metals (Lead, Silver, Mercury).  No heavy metals = no worries. 

The SterileSourceAM technology addresses the two main ecological concerns associated with leaching antimicrobials:

1) bleeding (leaching) harmful toxins into the environment and
2) the generation of adaptive organisms (super bugs). The mode of action of SterileSource’s technology is physical and its molecular makeup alleviates these concerns.

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